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Release Notes

FIXED: XML processing of Account Holders with missing or blank TINs has been updated to pass a single blank space thru to the resulting XML of '<sfa:tin> </sfa:tin>' instead of '<sfa:tin>000000000</sfa;tin>'  as per IRS guidance repeating characters or digits are no longer allowed (see below).  This update allows you to generate XML in an acceptable format to IDES/IRS but you may get a response from the IRS that you need to correct the missing TIN.

Note if the Account Holder is an Entity the IRS has issued this guidance as follows:

“The filer will need to go back and get a US TIN from the account holder/asset owner, regardless of the IGA model they may be under. The transition period is now over, so entering all zeros or a DOB is not permitted anymore.”

If a TIN is not available for the Account Holder, one must be obtained in order to satisfy this reporting requirement.


UPDATED: Business rule “TIN*02” severity has been updated from a severity level of WARNING to an ERROR for records for Account Holders with missing and/or zero TINs as it may be the case that IDES will ask you to correct the above situation via a correction.

UPDATED: Business rule “TIN*03” “All Zero TIN Not Allowed” was added to trigger and error when the Account Holders TIN is entered as 000000000.  The severity level is an ERROR.

Known Issue to be fixed in the next release – if you enter a TIN of 000000000 it can be hard to delete.  Change the TIN to 123456789 or similar and tab out of the field, then highlight the new TIN and hit the delete key to blank out the TIN field and tab out of the field.

NEW: Sample Import XLS file with Missing Account Holder TINs in Part II of 8966 was added to the existing sample files typically found at:  C:\1099 Pro\Pro66T17\Import\Samples\XLS Samples

The new sample file “8966 2017 Sample Import Missing TINs not pooled.xls”  is for customers who want to experiment or demonstrate the XML changes listed above with respect to Missing TINs. 

FIXED: Some query selections from the browse screen was crashing the software and this has been fixed. 

UPDATED: Latest IDES Packager is included. 

Download v2017.15.22

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