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Release Notes

FIXED: Invalid Filename error.

UPDATED: Macau (MO) support for their variation of XML v1.2.

UPDATED: Macau (MO) addition of the CRS Packager to include the MO public key for encrypting your xml.  Note you will need your own Digital Certificate / Private Key as well.  These private certificates sometimes have extensions like .pfx p12 pem key cer crt der …

UPDATED: Hong Kong (HK) updated for the HK file naming convention.

UPDATED: Updated Help file including these new topics:

  1. Windows ™ Regional Settings.  Note you must have a “.” as the decimal separator or your xml will not have any decimals.
  2. Importing of Dates must be formatted as mm/dd/yyyy
  3. CRS Packager (for Macau only)

UPDATED: Video links in Pro Central.

UPDATED: Added the guide CRS_Countriess in the software under Forms, (Local files installed on my machine) & CRS_Countries.xlsx which shows country abbreviations.  For example the United Kingdom is GB.

UPDATED:  .xlsx file examples found at:  C:\1099 Pro\ProCRST17\Import\Samples\XLS Samples with the two Mar2018 Excel files with better notes stressing only one person can be an account holder with one birthdate for the account holder … :

  1. CRS_ImportExmples_MultipleTabs_includingJointAccountMar2018.xlsx
    • This spreadsheet has 9 different worksheets including 3 worksheets that go over OECD types, Country Codes and Currencies
  2. CRSPro_ImportExample_2_recordMar2018.xlsx
    • This simple example imports 2 records one record with the Account Holders one  birthdate and then another record with Payment info, another record with more name, address information on the Account Holder and another record describing the Controlling Person on that account.

Download v2017.15.09

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