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Release Notes

UPDATE: SINGAPORE  –  added in XML variations to handle DocRefID,  MessageRefID & Entity Type requirements.

Regarding the <File Sender’s Singapore Tax Reference Number>  CRS Pro will  suffix the identification number with “-” to pad the number to be 10 characters as it has to be a 10-character identification number of the Sender.  Any other adjustments to the identification number or Entity ID Type must be done when creating/updating your Filer(s) / Reporting FIs. 

  • Note:  We believe that Singapore is case sensitive in regard to Entity ID Type so enter the Identification Number (IN) Type carefully.  Further, the IN Type for the Filer (FI) / Reporting FI can accept both upper & lower case.  For example UEN-Business is now acceptable whereas before you could only enter UEN-BUSINESS.  

UPDATE: Business Rules – Balance And Currency Code Required.  Changed Rule 004 to be inactive.  This rule states to flag an error if the Account Balance is =0 .  Users can reactivate this Business Rule by going to the menu item “File”, “Security and Administration”, “Program Options”, “Tax Form Validation for Import and Entry” & double click on the business rule in question and check or uncheck if the rule is active. 

  • Note:  Permissions to this and other program areas can be set from “Security and Administration”.  Press F1 in the software for help to see more on the topic of security.

FIXED:  Custom queries can now be created at the Work With My Tax Forms / Form CRS:  Enter, Update and View.

Download v2017.17.24

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