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  1. Be sure to open the server installation & set security On or Off before proceeding.

  2. Complete Server installation prior to installing Workstation(s).

  3. Locate the Server installation drive and folder from the Workstation. To map the Server installation’s network drive from a Workstation, open Windows Explorer from each Workstation. Locate the network drive, right click your mouse and select Map Network Drive. Each installation will refer to this drive as the Global Data Path.

  4. Install your software on the Workstation. Enter your Multi-User Activation Code when prompted. Select Workstation Installation  as the Install Type. Browse for the network drive and folder of the Server installation (e.g., X:\1099 Pro\Pro99TXX\ where “X” is the mapped Network Drive). Allow the program files to reside on the local drive (e.g., C:\1099 Pro\Pro99TXX).

  5. If the Administrator enabled Security, then the Workstation is deemed a “user.” Upon first entering your software at the Workstation, a User ID (as assigned by the Administrator) is required. For the Password enter “NEW ”. The User is then required to create a unique password.

External Networking ports used by 1099 Pro: