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  • Electronic Filing and Service Bureau Uploads will be active for Tax Year 2019 only.  Tax Year2020 2020 is locked off for Electronic Filing and Service Bureau Uploads.
    • This is because the IRS FIRE site remains open, for Tax Year 2019 formatted electronic files, until 12/04/2020.
    • The IRS FIRE site will then re-open on 1/08/2021 and be available for Tax Year 2020 electronic files at that point.


  • Corrections Importing
    • A new type of corrections/adjustment import that allows for the user to specify the matching criteria and that allows for two-part corrections (i.e the ability to create TIN/Name/Tax State/Account Number corrections). (CS-2119)
      • Matching Criteria Supported:  Tax Record ID (unique identifier in the software), Account, Alternate Account, Unique Form Identifier (1042-S only), and Control Number (W-2 only).
    • Existing "Simple Match" and "Advanced Match" methods were improved to support two part corrections. (CS-2119)
    • Added in Preference setting module to enable/ disable. (CS-2891)
  • Form Entry / Viewing
    • Form 1099-NEC - Added Optional Text Lines 1 & 2. (CS-2838)
      • These fields were previously available on the 1099-MISC and will be able to be printed on certain recipient form copies.
    • Aggregation Toolbar - Added a bottom toolbar notification that tells the user whether aggregation is on/off for that specific tax year, filer, & form type. (CS-2209)
  • Business Rules & Validations
    • Form 1099-NEC - Rule R08 for box 1 with missing non-employee compensation amount. (CS-2848)
    • Form 1099-PATR - Rule R03 for box 12 with missing amount but a credit type is selected. (CS-2817)
    • PR Forms - Rule PR*03 for rejecting invalid recipient EINs. (CS-2655)
  • Reprint Scheduler
    • Match by unique Tax Record ID (TaxRecID) field added. (CS-2830)

    • Ability to ignore the "Do Not Print" indicator and process all records that are matched. (CS-2830)

  • 2020 IRS/SSA Updates
    • All final 2020 IRS PDFs & Instructions included.
    • 2020 Sample Import files included. A complete set can also be found here - 2020 Tax Year - Import Templates and Maps. (CS-2887
    • 2020 Forms are now available.  New forms and changes are listed below.  Other forms, such as the 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, and 1099-R were previously updated.
      • 1099-PATR - Added 3 new credit types for box 12 "Other credits and deductions". (CS-2740)
        • The biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels credit.
        • The biofuel fuels credit (including second generation biofuel).
        • The Indian employment credit.
      • 1042-S - Chapter 3 Status Codes Updates for 2020. (CS-2806)
        • Status codes 1, 2 and 34 have been deleted.
        • Added status code 36: "Foreign Government - Integral Part"
        • Added status code 37: "Foreign Government - Controlled Entity"
        • Updated status code 19 to "International Organization"
      • W-2 - Box 4 Social security tax withheld maximum amount increased.
        • 2020 maximum amount is $8,537.40. (CS-2819)
    • 2020 Federal Thresholds updated for tax forms:  1098-F, 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, and 1099-PATR