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  • Reports
    • Form 1099-MISC
      • Form Totals Report - State box numbering fixed (ASP-613)
      • Corrections / Late Address Report - Updated for TY2020 new boxes (ASP-611)
    • Form 1099-NEC
      • Extended Totals Report - Fixed small text overlap issue. (ASP-612)
    • Form 1099-PATR
  • Exporting
    • Export functionality for exporting transactions was not processing. (ASP-590)
  • Form Entry / Viewing
    • Form 1042-S - Zero amount correction was incorrectly triggering rule R16. (ASP-585)
    • Form 5498 - Transaction detail on first manually created form was not displaying. (ASP-605)
  • General
    • Custom Query - Deleted filers were still appearing in results. (ASP-599)
    • Login - Issue with latest version of Google Chrome browser in conjunction with SAML authentication and OKTA as a Service Provider. (ASP-597579)
  • State Filing
    • Updated 2-part correction process for Filed State Zero corrections, where it now locks the Federal record until both parts are filed. (ASP-593)