Release Notes

The Demonstration version allows you to enter or import real data to see the changes we’ve made for 2014 and become familiar with many of the new features offered in our 8966 Pro product.  Right away you'll see that while easy to use, 8966 Pro contains sophisticated features to help you complete your electronic filing of informational returns quickly, efficiently & painlessly.    Technical Support is complimentary whether you have the 'Demo' or a registered copy.

The Demo may be converted with all of your data into a registered copy by calling toll free (888) 776-1099 or via the web at   Single-User and Multi-User Versions are available.   Great software is only part of the solution.   Additionally, 1099 Pro stands ready to help you whether you have a Technical Support Question, a need for Printing/Mailing/Filing services, Web Presentment of forms, envelopes & laser-perforated paper, or our simple to use 1099 and W-2 Pro products.


8966 Pro Product Features


8966 Release Notes   (March 4,2015)

8966 is simple to use (see below)  Just 1) create your Filers or Financial Intermediaries, 2) Import your data, 3 Create your XML and then launch the IDES Packager to encrypt your XML with your digital cert & private pass phrase.


Note to accommodate the XML spec 8966 has Name and Address fields that accommodate up to 180 characters.   The IRS allows you to use the “/” to delimit the Address.   Note that you must still import the City, State/Province, Zip/Postal and ISO country where applicable.    This and other import notes are on the Excel sample import files on the 2nd Tab found under the Import folder.

In DEMO mode users can create FI’s & import.  To activate the software to create & package the XML an Authorization code is required. Pricing in US Dollars is $799 Single User, 1199 Multi 2-5 user, 1599 Multi User for unlimited users.  Standard volume is for up to 5000 records.  Additional records are $100 / 1000 records.  

Important:  Each installation requires a unique authorization code in the XML so you will need to purchase your unique codes when filing (don’t give out your code to another installation!) as usage of this code will really put you in a bind with the IDES website.   As Per Pub 5124 FATCA XML v1.1:  the MessageRefID s data element is a free text field capturing the sender’s unique identifying number (created by the sender) that identifies the particular message being sent. The identifier allows both the sender and receiver to identify the specific message later if questions arise.  This is true for corrections so be sure that every physical location generating XML files has their own Authorization Code from 1099 Pro, Inc.

Other improvements will be forthcoming including such as printing an 8966 form and additional reports.  For your reference the latest guidance from the IRS as of March 2, 2015 is reproduced below.


8966 Import Hints   

Sample Import Files are created during the installation typically located at C:\1099 Pro\ProFAT14\Import\Samples\XLS Samples   If you use our “Headers” (the column titles found in our sample files) as the first row in your Excel file then the software will understand how to match your data to the form.  For example if you have a column with the name of the person or entity which is the account holder you should use our header “Rcp Last Name/Compny” above your column.   Note the order of your columns doesn’t matter as long as you fill in the correct column header.  Also use only the column headers that you need.  For example if you are not doing Pooled Reporting then you don’t need those columns.   Be sure to have your first row as Headers and only data after that with no blank rows in between.  Other import hints:


 The first tab of the Excel Sample imports is color coded.  The Color Coding below corresponds to the 8966 FATCA Report sections/parts.  See See:

Import Notes

8966 Guidance from the IRS   (March 3, 2015)

1.  New! FATCA IDES Gateway Opens

Large Business & International announces the opening of the International Data Exchange Service (IDES) Gateway. Financial institutions and host country tax authorities began IDES enrollment in January 2015. All IDES enrollees may use the IDES Gateway to securely send Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) information reports on financial accounts held by U.S. persons. IDES will operate on all major browsers, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, and will support application-to-application exchanges through SFTP transmission protocols. Data transmitted via IDES will be encrypted at both the file and transmission level to safeguard sensitive tax information. 

The online address for IDES enrollment and a link to IDES Gateway can be found on the IDES enrollment site, and the IDES User Guide with instructions for enrolling and using IDES can be found on the IDES home page.  To complete IDES enrollment, financial institutions will need to have registered as a participating financial institution through the IRS FATCA Registration System and have a global intermediary identification number (GIIN) that appears on the current IRS FATCA Foreign Financial Institution list. 

Financial institutions and host country tax authorities are encouraged to complete the enrollment process and initiate transmission before the Form 8966 reporting deadline. An automatic 90-day extension of time to file Form 8966 may be requested. For calendar year 2014 only an automatic 90-day extension of time to file Form 8966 will be provided to all filers (including those filing electronically), without the need to file any form or take any action. For more information, review the 2014 Instructions for Form 8966.

If you need help or have questions about IDES enrollment, transmission or system alerts, please contact IDES Customer Support at 1-800-613-IDES (4773) or by email at IDES Customer Support is available 24 hours a day except on U.S. federal holidays. If you need additional information about data preparation or other aspects of FATCA reporting please visit the IRS FATCA website.


8966 Pro System Requirements

- Windows 7, 8 or higher.    .NET 4.0 or higher is required for the IDES Packager
- 32 or 64 bit operating system compatible
- Intel Pentium II/Celeron or AMD Athlon/Sempron/Turion (Minimum)
- 512 MB RAM or higher
- 120+MB free hard drive space
- For use with ANY Windows compatible printer
- Windows compatible network (optional)