Bulk TIN Match rates are posted online at https://www.1099pro.com/serv_TIN_Matching.asp.

  • Cost is per upload (may include up to 100k recipient Name/TINs).
  • No appointment required for Bulk TIN Match uploads.
  • Customers must purchase and use the current tax year software to submit for this service. 
    • During September - December, the Service Bureau accepts bulk TIN match uploads from both TY 2022 and 2023 software products.
  • All uploads must be submitted via the software's built-in Bulk TIN Match Wizard.
  • The Service Bureau cannot process flat files such as XLS, .TXT, .CSV, etc.

Submitting Your Data

Watch our video tutorial below on how to upload the Bulk Tin Matching file "Via the Service Bureau".

Workaround Method

For customers who submit multiple bulk TIN match files, and/or use our software exclusively for bulk TIN match services, see:

Bulk TIN Match Results

Bulk TIN results are returned via email, with a ZIP attachment, within 1-2 business days. If you cannot receive ZIP files via email, we can post results on our secure FTP site. Email  SB@1099pro.com  for help. 


What is my bulk TIN file password?

See Bulk TIN Results FAQs for help locating the password that you created when generating your bulk TIN match upload file.

Do I have to purchase your software?

Yes, we only accept Bulk TIN Match uploads generated within our software. For security reasons, we no longer accept flat files such as .XLS, .TXT, etc. If you don't want to purchase our software, we encourage you to consider TINCheck.com.

What if I need to validate only a few name/TINs?

Validate individual Name/TINs at TINCheck.comTINCheck is a great option for those unable to submit via our Bulk TIN Match Wizard. TINCheck can also be integrated with 1099 Pro software for REALTIME validations. Direct TINCheck inquiries to support@tincheck.com, not the Service Bureau.

What Name/TIN records are eligible?

The records included in your Bulk TIN Match upload are determined by the filer(s) and form type(s) you select in the Bulk TIN Match Upload Wizard, however certain records are automatically excluded. Your Bulk TIN Upload file may contain fewer records than the number of tax forms you issued this year.

  • Only active records are included. Corrected records with a Zero status (Zero/Pending or Zero/Filed) and deleted records are excluded.
  • Duplicate records are excluded, see What are stripped records?, below.
  • Invalid records (e.g., TIN missing or incomplete, name missing) are excluded.
What are stripped records?

In accordance with IRS guidelines to prevent phishing for name/TIN combinations, duplicate records are automatically stripped from bulk TIN files. For example, if you issued three 1099s to "Jane Doe", only the first "Jane Doe" name/TIN combination is included in your upload file. Likewise, if you issued multiple forms to TIN "123-45-6789", only the first "123-45-6789" name/TIN combination is included in your upload file. You may legitimately be issuing a dozen records to unique individuals with the name "Jane Doe", however you cannot submit them all in a single upload. This is per the IRS, not a bug or limitation in our software.

Isolate Stripped Records

Corporate Suite and 1099 Pro Enterprise (not 1099 Pro Professional nor 1042-S Pro) allow you to generate a list of stripped records from your Bulk TIN Match upload file. For guidance in this process, search "Stripped" in your software help file.

How can I validate stripped records?

You can validate individual Recipient Name/TIN data at TINCheck.com.

What do results look like?

Your zipped results include Text and Excel files. 

Excel file results are provided in an easy-to-read format. Mismatches, highlighted in red, are described in the "Result Message" column.  

Your text file results are provided in a TIN Type,TIN,Name,Account,Response format. For example, the following sample lines indicate that the TIN provided by Matthew Mulberry is 2 - Not Currently Issued, and the TIN provided by Acme Incorporated is 0 - Matches IRS records.

1;183421111;Matthew Mulberry;89765; 2
2;562611111;Acme Incorporated;89765; 0

What do IRS coded responses mean?




Name/TIN combination matches IRS records.


Missing TIN or TIN not 9-digit number.


TIN not currently issued.


Name/TIN combination does NOT match IRS records


Invalid request (i.e., contains alphas, special characters)


Duplicate request.


(Matched on SSN), when the TIN type is (3), unknown, and a matching TIN and name control is found only on the NAP DM1 database.


(Matched on EIN), when the TIN type is (3), unknown, and a matching TIN and name control is found only on the EIN/NC database.


(Matched on EIN and SSN), when the TIN type is (3), unknown, and matching TIN and name control is found on both the EIN/NC and NAP DM1 databases.

How do I handle mismatches?

Your results file details any recipient with a name/TIN mismatch. Carefully review each recipient against their on file Form W-9 to isolate the error(s). If you cannot determine the error, issue a new Form W-9 and track responses via 1099 Pro's built-in Manage Information Requests Utility. Should you receive IRS Notice 972CG, you must be able to document that you have performed your due diligence in attempting to obtain accurate recipient name/TIN data.

Search "TIN Management Utility" in your 1099 Pro software help file for further details.

What are common reasons for mismatches?

This table lists common reasons why a record might generate a name/TIN mismatch. Reference IRS Pub. 1586 (online), Section IX. IRS Matching Process and Name Controls, for a thorough understanding of this process. 1099 Pro does not provide accounting or legal advice. It is the filer's responsibility to report accurate data.




Misspelled name

Recipient's name misspelled or incorrect name entered.

Reference recipient's on file Form W-9 and reissue, if necessary.

Transposed TIN digits

Data entry or data manipulation error.

Reference recipient's on file Form W-9 and reissue, if necessary.

TIN incorrectly formatted

Individual with TIN formatted as an EIN or corporation with TIN formatted as an SSN.

See IRS Name Control. Reference recipient's on file Form W-9 and reissue, if necessary.

Legal name change

Recipient married or divorced and did not notify filer of legal name change.

Reissue Form W-9, if necessary.

Sole Proprietors

DBA incorrectly entered in Last Name/Company field.

Enter DBA in Name Line 2 field, not Last Name/Company field.

How do I format my recipient data?

Our sample import files illustrate how to populate fields to succeed at name control. For example:

  • Action Investments is a corporation with an EIN.
  • Charlie Tuna and James Brown are individuals with SSNs.
  • Karen Birch is a sole proprietor with an SSN.

These software screenshots illustrate the importance of entering name/TIN data in the appropriate fields.

Record issued to an individual with an SSN, acting as a sole proprietor. Name control is "BIRC". If the DBA was incorrectly entered in the Last Name/Company field, this record would fail name control.

Record issued to a corporation with an EIN. Name control is "ACEC". If the EIN was incorrectly formatted as an SSN, this record would fail name control.

Does 1099 Pro offer help with Name/TIN validations?

The Service Bureau offers TIN Compliance mailings (includes Forms W-9 and B Notices) at very competitive rates! Mailings are generated via 1099 Pro's Information Request Wizard and responses are easily tracked at the Manage Information Request utility. Corporate Suite offers enhanced TIN Management functionality. Reference Service Bureau Specialty Services.