Release Notes

UPDATED: In the 1096 print wizard the date due for 1099-Misc with Box 7 was updated.

UPDATED: DC, NC and NE State Subset files are now 752 bytes.

UPDATED: ‘IA’ State Subset extension is now in lowercase.

UPDATED: ‘MD’ State Subset now truncates State ID to 8 characters and must be digits only.

UPDATED: Service bureau correction uploads now default to CFS on.

UPDATED: Enable/disable ZeroForm filtering based on other criteria (Original/Corrections, File/Not file).

UPDATED: Made changes to the service bureau process and reports so that users can't accidentally cancel with Esc key.

FIXED: The process corrections checkbox would not always be available to the user during "print/mail forms myself" even when corrections existed.

FIXED: If a user selected "print/mail forms myself", printed forms for "all filers", and chose yes at the end - the process would mark all records as printed without regard to security.

FIXED: Issues where new IRS boxes for 2016 would not trigger a IRS correction.  Eg. 1098 Boxes 7, 8, 9, 10.

FIXED: Export forms for Print/Mail error when All Filers/Forms was selected.

FIXED: If a user had View Only Access for one form in one Access Group and View Only Access for another form in another Access Group, the user would get View Only for both forms.

FIXED: Security enforcement has been improved for to Printing, eFiling and SB Uploads.

FIXED: Fixed alignment issues with 1099-B correction form update view.

This update also includes many other small visual and/or performance enhancements.

Download v2016.13.24

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