Release Notes


  • General - State corrections now available.
  • Filing - State subset forms printing now available. 
  • Filing - Users are now able to reset/void a status subset filing session. 


  • Printing - State Subset printing was missing print files. 
  • Printing - Form 1098 Box 8 had printing overflow. 
  • Filing - IA state subset e-filing was blank filling positions that should be zero filled. 
  • Filing - IA state/local withholding added to accommodate for 1099-C.
  • Filing - Locality changes was incorrectly creating a state zero correction. 
  • Reports - Form Counts by Filer Report was incorrectly calculating unfiled corrections. 
  • Security - Bulk Tin Upload was not respecting filer/form security profiles. 


  • Filing - Verbiage added to state subset e-filing wizard for states that do not accept state subset corrections. 
  • Filing - 1096 now displays Payer Code and Form type. 
  • Latest IRS country codes included. 
  • Latest print layouts included. 
  • Latest help file included.

Download v2018.15.10

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