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Release Notes

This is a required update in order to file 2019 tax forms with the IRS and/or to upload files to the 1099 Pro Service Bureau. 


  • Importing - The import Load & Post Wizards has been converted to a flat wizard.
    • Flat Wizard - An interface that combines the options from the different steps (i.e 10-15 different steps) into a single interactive screen where the user can see, and select from, all available options.
    • Video Tutorial - https://youtu.be/pCUf3k_SvRk
  • Electronic Filing - The process has been converted to a flat wizard for federal electronic filing (Enterprise Only).
  • Electronic Filing - Now available to create IRS publication 1220 electronic files for test files, originals, and corrections for all form types.
  • Service Bureau - Printing, mailing, and e-filing is enabled for all form types.
  • Paper Filing - Paper filing module is now available for filing Red Copy A forms along with a 1096.


  • 2019 IRS/SSA Updates - Business rules have been updated to reflect IRS form changes.
  • 2019 IRS/SSA Updates - IRS box codes.
  • 2019 IRS/SSA Updates - IRS country codes.
  • Importing - Sample import files to reflect IRS form changes
  • Help File - Revised content and links


  • Finalized state direct electronic filing formats.
  • Enabling of state direct paper filing.

2019 eFileViewer/ Converter

The 2019 eFileViewer is still under development.  This page will be updated as soon as it has been officially released.

Download v2019.12.01

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