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Release notes


  • The Application Pool used by the 1099Pro.NET app must be set to Integrated mode. Please make sure that the Managed Pipeline Mode is set to Integrated mode otherwise PDF files will not display correctly. For more information please contact your IT department or your 1099 Pro account manager.
  • All tax forms will still display "DRAFT" status in the ASP/Web interface until the next Corporate Suite software release (which unlocks electronic filing).


  • 2020 IRS/SSA Updates
    • Forms 3921 and 3922 have been added as new form types. (ASP-584)
    • Form W-2 maximum/limits. (ASP-595)
    • Form 1099-R (ASP-591)
  • Business Rules & Validations
    • Form 1099-NEC - New business rule R08 for missing Box 1 amount. (ASP-601)


  • General
    • Latest Help file
  • Service Bureau
    • Service Bureau upload transfer method is updated to default with "Built-in HTTPS - secure transfer".  (ASP-603)


  • Reports
    • Form 1099-MISC
      • Form Totals Report - State box numbering fixed (ASP-613)
      • Corrections / Late Address Report - Updated for TY2020 new boxes (ASP-611)
    • Form 1099-NEC
      • Extended Totals Report - Fixed small text overlap issue. (ASP-612)
    • Form 1099-PATR
  • Exporting
    • Export functionality for exporting transactions was not processing. (ASP-590)
  • Form Entry / Viewing
    • Form 1042-S - Zero amount correction was incorrectly triggering rule R16. (ASP-585)
    • Form 5498 - Transaction detail on first manually created form was not displaying. (ASP-605)
  • General
    • Custom Query - Deleted filers were still appearing in results. (ASP-599)
    • Login - Issue with latest version of Google Chrome browser in conjunction with SAML authentication and OKTA as a Service Provider. (ASP-579)
  • State Filing
    • Updated 2-part correction process for Filed State Zero corrections, where it now locks the Federal record until both parts are filed. (ASP-593)

Download v2019.22.0500

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