Release Notes

NOTE: All International Data Exchange Service (IDES) users will be required to submit FATCA Reports using version 2.0 because version 1.1 will no longer be supported

This is the Early Release of 8966 Pro for 2016.  Please refer to IRS instructions for full detail of 2016 changes (

NEW: All business rules have been updated for FATCA XML v2.0 schema.

NEW: Sample import files and notes have been updated. 

NEW: Print layouts have been updated

NEW: Many optimization and cosmetic changes have beeen made. 

NEW: All help files have been updated for 2016. 

NEW: The FATCA XML Schema v2.0 will replace v1.1 and the FATCA Notification XML Schema v2.3 will replace v2.2. 

NEW: Variables P2 Birthdate & P3 Birthdate which are Optional Fields are included where

  • P2 Birthdate releates to Part II Account Holder or Payee Information which will populate the  <AccountHolder> element
  • P3 Birthdate relates to Part III Owner Information which will populate the <SubstantialOwner> element.
    1. Note 1 - this change was requested by Japan 
    2. Note 2 - the <sfa: Contact> information may have to be removed manually.

UPDATED: Determination Part II "Account Holder or Payee Information".  The  XML treats the AccountHolder as an Individual or as an Entity based on the following logic:

  • Box 1b if Individual or Entity is checked. If not checked or both are checked then go to 2 below.
  • Box 4  TIN type - If 2 dashes it's an Individual; if 1 dash it's an Entity.  If no dashes then go to 3 below.
  • If the option Birthdate is present it's an Individual.  If no date then go to 4 below.
  • If Box 5Specified U.S. person is checked then it's an individual, otherwise it's an Entity.

UPDATED:  Determination Part III  "Identifying Information of US Owners that are specified US Persons" Is assumed to be an Individual unless #4 “TIN of Owner” has a – (hyphen) in the 3 position of a 10 character string (e.g. 12-4567890)  If so then the XML will report  as an Organization (not as an Individual).

UPDATED: IDES Packager 1.9.1 included.  See release notes here.

UPDATED: Expanded Name to 180 characters which will accommodate Financial Institution name and remember where you have a first name (account holder ...)  you should fill it in separately as this is a requirement, first name field accommodates 180 characters.

UPDATED: Expanded the address field to use AddressFree so you have 180 characters for the address. The City/State, Province/Zip, or Postal & ISO country name is still required for the Address Fixed portion.

Download v2016.12.12

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