Release Notes


  • General
    • Latest help file is included. 
    • Latest GIIN table is included.
    • Address Free now supported in tax form entry. 
  • Import/Export
    • New Address Free maps added (located in C:\1099 Pro\Pro66T18\Maps folder 
      • Import map file name: "MAP IMPORT 8966 ID6  7-08-2019 11-50AM.Tps"
      • Export map file name: "MAP EXPORT 8966 ID7  7-08-2019 12-00PM.Tps"
    • New Address Free sample file included with notes for guidance (located in C:\1099 Pro\Pro66T18\Import\Samples\XLS Samples 
      • Sample import file name: "8966 2018 Sample Import not pooled - address free.xls"

*Please contact one of our technical support representatives if you need assistance into changing the software to use Address Free updates. 

Download v2018.19.03

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