Release Notes


  • Form and instructions versions updated to final TY2023 version to align with IRS - JARVIS-1176
  • XML format to handle Empty TIN in Part II AND have a US address - JARVIS-547

For Multi User environments only:

You may encounter clients getting stuck updating files from the server after the update was applied. If you do, please follow these steps. 

  1. Install 8966 Pro SP1 Gold v2023.13.10 on web-update workstation. 
  2. Open 8966 on the client machine it should run the Automatic Program Upgrading tool.  Do not close this window on the client machine.   
  3. After a few minutes open and close 8966 software on the web-update workstation a couple of times. Re-open and leave the program open on the web-update workstation. Then the software should be automatically updated on the client machine.

Download v2023.13.10

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