Release Notes

CRS Pro Software for the OECD’s AEOI Common Reporting Standard

This early release version of CRS Pro allows users to setup their Filers (Reporting FI's) and import/enter data into each Filer.

Getting Started:

  1. The CRS Pro software must be installed on a Windows Computer with the Region set to English (please see the bottom of the page for details on how to do this).
  2. Setup user security when accessing software
    1. When installing the software, users can select to enable/disable to security.
  3. Setup Financial Institutions (FI)
    1. See #1 on the left-hand side of the software.  Wherever you see a blue question mark (question), click on the icon to view comments pertaining to the fields.
  4. Import account data from files
    1. Excel, tab delimited, comma separated values, and pipe delimited files are supported
    2. A sample import file can be found here : Import_CRS_Example.xlsx
      1. The sample import file provides examples of how to import account data into the software.  CRS allows a single account to have unlimited amounts of Account Holders, addresses, Controlling Persons, and payments made throughout the year – thus there can be many repeating elements which you may or may not require.  Essentially, the simplest version of the import is on the first tab (one account = one line in Excel).  Then the following tabs outline how you could import multiple payments per each account, multiple Account Holders, multiple Controlling Persons… and so forth.
      2. Please also see the final tabs for "Types", "CC", and "Currency" for a list of the different attribute types, country codes, and currency codes.
      3. This same import file is provided when installing the software and is typically found at C:\1099 Pro\ProCRST16\Import\Samples\XLS Samples
      4. Imports can be tested and then reset / cleared out so that users can test import data and start with a clean slate when ready.  Simply choose the "Reset/Void" option at the bottom right of the import screen.
  5. Manually enter, view, & update individual accounts
  6. Search for accounts within the software for quick viewing and reference
  7. Video Tutorial - CRS Pro Tutorials on YouTube

Certain functionality is currently locked off until the next release, which will be available by June 21st, and includes:

  1. Printing of account data to PDF or plain paper
  2. Standard balancing reports
  3. OECD CRS XML v1.0 file generation

***The CRS Pro software supports the OECD’s CRS XML Schema v1.0.  Jurisdictions with custom formats/specifications, such as the UK’s CDOT format, are not currently supported.***

Program Updates:

  • Click on the menu item in the top toolbar labeled "Help" and then click on "Check for Updates to CRS Pro".  If your firewall is blocking uploads from downloading, please follow the steps below.
  • Go to and select the "Update" button underneath the icon labeled CRS Pro.  Your software must be closed to apply an update.

Future releases will continue to unlock functionality, such as:

  1. Business rule validations to provide error & warning reports for missing elements that are required for proper CRS submission
  2. Custom report functionality
  3. Corrections filing capability
  4. Updated print layouts

How to set a Windows computer Region setting to English:

  • Select Control Panel → Clock, Language, and Region → Region → Set "Formats" to English (United States) and Date & Time formats to M/D/YYYY
  • Select Control Panel → Clock, Language, and Region → Language →  Set "Language" to English (United States)
  • Select Control Panel → Clock, Language, and Region →Region →  Change date, time, or number formats → Additional settings... → Numbers

Region settings: 

Language settings: 

Number settings:
CRS Pro requires that that Windows use the a period “.” as the decimal character and the "," as the separator as shown below.  For more information on how to change your Regional Settings in windows see CRS Pro Windows Region Settings


Contact Information:

  • Hours -  7am - 5pm PST
  • Email -
  • Phone - 1 (818) 876-0200 (international)
  • Phone - 1 (888) 776-1099 (USA)

Download v2016.18.12

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