Release Notes

NEW: Manual corrections and the resulting XML generation Corrected Data and Deletion of Data are now enabled. 

UPDATED:  Work With My Tax Forms screen reflects new statuses to simplify the tracking of Corrected and Deleted Data including:

  • Status of Corr/Pending added which indicates a correction has been created but it has not been filed.
  • Status of Del/Pending added which indicates a deletion has been created for a form but it has not been filed
  • Status of Corr/Filed indicates the correction has been filed
  • Status of Del/Filed indicates the deletion has been filed

UPDATED - XML generation logic for special adaptations for Ireland (IE), British Virgin Islands (VG), Australia (AU), and Luxembourg (LU):  

  • British Virgin Islands requires multiple XML files for each group of ResCountry for the Account Holders.  The software will now generate a separate XML file for each distinct group of ResCountry for the Account Holders.
  • Ireland has specific requirements for the FI MessageRefID
  • Australia requires a specific RefID naming convention and header/wrapper.
  • Luxembourg – a popup appears during the XML generation prompting you for the 31 special values required by Luxembourg.                                                                                             

Note the XML generation also handles these country variations from the OECD CRS XML v1.0 standard:             

  • Andorra (AD)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Hong Kong (HK)
  • Japan (JP)
  • Macau (MO)
  • Singapore (SG)

UPDATED - Help File topic on Corrections / Deletions has been updated

Download v2017.18.28

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