These apply to all form types.

Recipient Common Fields:

Field NameSizeType DescriptionNotes
See Form Filer Common Fields  Filer fields common to all form types.

Recipient TIN if known or blank if unknown

Rcp TIN Type


EIN=1, SSN=2, Unknown type=0 or blank

Rcp Account


Recipient account number

First Name40 CharacterRecipient first name
Last Name/Company40CharacterRecipient last or company name
Name Line 240 CharacterRecipient name line 2
Rcp Suffix4CharacterRecipient suffixAvailable only for forms: W-2, 1095-B, & 1095-C
Name Line 340CharacterRecipient name line 3 CS Only
Name Line 440CharacterRecipient name line 4 CS Only
Address TypeCharacter

Recipient - Blank or "U"=US, C=Canada, O=Other

Address Deliv/Street40CharacterRecipient address line 1
Address Apt/Suite40 CharacterRecipient address line 2
City40 CharacterRecipient city
State2CharacterRecipient US state or Canadian province
Zip10 CharacterRecipient US zip or Canadian postal code
Comb City/State/Zip40CharacterRecipient city, state and zip as one field Can not be used with standalone City, State, and Zip.
Country25CharacterRecipient country, enter when address type = O (Other)
See Form Specific Fields Fields specific to a particular form type.
See Form Common Fields

Form fields common to all form types.

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