Release Notes


  • General
    • Main - Initial Auth Code sequence will now display in the main screen.  This is to help identify customer numbers.
  • Business Rules & Validations
    • Rule R27 - Must have first name if tax year is 2019 or higher. 


  • Business Rules & Validations
    • Rule R17 verbiage updated for box 20 requirement when there are box 18 or box 19 amounts.
    • Rule R24 removed; Box 9 is no longer a field on tax year 2019.


  • General
    • Logon password is now correctly allowing 15 characters maximum per spec.
    • Pro Central - Due dates fixed. 
  • Electronic Filing
    • eFile Wizard - YouTube tutorial link fixed. 
  • State Filing
    • Corrections Filing Wizard - Notes have been updated for general message on states not listed.  
    • Michigan (MI) - W-2- Special processing for when Locality is "Detroit" or "detroit" to process local wages & local tax withheld in the electronic file.
  • Printing
    • State Subset Printing Wizard
      • All States for All Filers option was not displaying all listed states. 
      • State list was cut off after 2 lines.
    • Print Wizard - Filing month date was incorrect in reference to Copy A forms. 
    • Custom layout print adjustment fix. Last line was printing on the line. 
    • Long State ID print issue.

Download v2019.15.10

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