Release Notes

Note: This is the early release for tax year 2023.

For details on 2023 changes, read the IRS instructions.

New and improved:

  • We updated the 2023 tax form and instructions with IRS changes.
  • We updated all business rules and custom queries for 2023 form fields.
  • We added sample import files and Excel data shells.
  • We updated all reports for 2023 tax form changes.
  • We updated all help files for 2023.

Form changes:

  • For tax year 2023, the Social Security Wage Base is now $160,200.
  • For tax year 2023, the Social Security tax withheld amount should not exceed $9,932.40 ($160,200 × 6.2%).
  • The tax year 2023 Social Security and Medicare coverage threshold for Household wages is now $2,600 ($200 increase from 2022).
  • Beginning in tax year 2023, the W-2 is one of the forms subject to the electronic filing threshold change. As a result, if your business has an aggregate total of 10 or more W-2, 1099, 1042-S, or 1095 forms, you will now be required to file electronically.

Download v2023.08.25

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