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IRS Release Status: FINAL

Sample Excel Import File: W-2G.xlsx

What's New for 2016

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Import Form Fields:

Field NameSizeType DescriptionNotes
See Form Filer Common Fields  Filer fields common to all form types. 
See Recipient Common Fields  Recipient fields common to all form types. 
Box 1 Amount12AmountBox 1: Gross winnings 
Box 2 Date8DateBox 2: Date WonMM/DD/YYYY or M/D/YYYY
Box 3 Wager Type15TextBox 3: Type of wager 
Box 4 Amount12AmountBox 4: Federal income tax withheld 
Box 5 Transaction15TextBox 5: Transaction 
Box 6 Race5TextBox 6: Race 
Box 7 Amount12AmountBox 7: Winnings from identical wagers 
Box 8 Cashier5TextBox 8: Cashier 
Box 10 Window5TextBox 10: Window 
Box 11 1st ID15TextBox 11: First I.D. 
Box 12 2nd ID15TextBox 12: Second I.D. 
Box 13 State2TextBox 13: State/Payer's state identification no.Use state abbreviation
Box 13 ID Number20TextBox 13: State/Payer's state identification no.Given by State Department of Revenue
Box 14 Amount12AmountBox 14: State Winnings 
Box 15 Amount12AmountBox 15: State income tax withheld 
Box 16 Amount12AmountBox 16: Local Winnings 
Box 17 Amount12AmountBox 17: Local income tax withheld 
Box 18 Locality14TextBox 18: Name of locality 

W-2G Form:

IRS W-2G Form:  W-2G Form

IRS W-2G Instructions:  W-2G Instructions

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