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Release Notes

This is a required update in order to file 2015 tax forms with the SSA and/or upload files to the 1099 Pro Service Bureau.

FIXED: Filer address printing issues.

UPDATE: E-file viewer has been updated for 2015. 

UPDATE: The electronic filing module has been activated for creating electronic files for submission to the IRS FIRE system.

UPDATE: The Service Bureau upload module has been activated to provide for uploading forms for processing via the 1099 Pro Service Bureau. Available services include printing & mailing, federal filing, web presentment and more.

NOTE: Printing of 1042-S is difficult because of new regulations from the IRS for 2015:

  • A substitute form 1042-S, Copy A, must be an exact copy of Form 1042-S. If it is not, the form may be rejected as incorrect and the IRS may impose penalties (Page 1 of i1042s.pdf)
  • Copies B,C, and D MUST be identical to the IRS form (p1179.pdf)


Because box and font sizes cannot be changed you will encounter unavoidable situations,

1) where you have more data than will fit in the box and 

2) because we can’t modify the layout of the 1042-S the addresses now have to print separately at the end of each printout.

Your print options are:


Paper is Blank Stock (plain or pre-perforated)

Combined Copy B, C and D with address 

  • This will print out 2 pages that if folded into thirds they will fit into our 8888-1 envelope. (2 pages)

Combined Copy B, C and D with address & check Print instructions after each combined form

  • This print out is also meant to be folded into thirds for use with the 8888-1 envelope. You should duplex this print run if possible as it is 4 pages.

Paper is Pressure Seal/Alternate Combined Layouts (Note - both print 4 pages and should be duplexed)

  • 7985E option should be folded in half for use with the 7985E envelope
  • 8888-1 option should be folded into thirds for use with the 8888-1 envelope


If needed the paper stock BLW2 has a perforation for folding in half and the BL1099 paper has two horizontal perforations for folding into thirds. Finally you may wish to consider using 1099 Pro Service Bureau to print and mail.


Download v2015.10.22

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