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Release Notes

This is the Early Release of 1042-S Pro for 2019.
*Please refer to IRS instructions for full detail of 2019 changes (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1042s.pdf)


  • Built in reports have been updated form the form changes. 
  • All default maps and sample import files have been updated for 2019.
  • Print layouts for all copies have been updated for 2019.
  • All help files have been updated for 2019.


  • New Box 1 income code.
  • New Checkbox 7c.
  • New and Updated 1042-S form codes

IMPORTANT:  Please review the following 2019 1042-S code changes and make any required changes to your data or imports.

Download v2019.07.01

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