Release Notes

Note: For details on 2022 changes, read the IRS instructions.

New and improved: 

  • We updated built-in reports to account for form changes. 
  • We updated all default maps and sample import files for 2022.
  • We updated all copies of print layouts for 2022.
  • We updated all help files for 2022.
  • We added Reset/Void of Service Bureau, Print, and Electronic File sessions to the Audit Trail. (SPRO-782)

Form changes: 

  • New Income Codes:
    • Income Code 56 - Dividend equivalents under IRC section 871(m) as a result of applying the combined transaction rules.
    • Income Code 57 - Amount realized under IRC section 1446(f). 
  • New Chapter 3 Exemption Code:
    • Code 38 - Publicly Traded Partnership.
  • New Line Of Business (LOB) Code:
    • Code 12 - No LOB article in treaty.

Note: The IRS has changed the manner in which requests for extension of time to provide statements to recipients may be made. Read this for more details.

Download v2022.08.21

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