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Release Notes

NOTE:  There are known issues of Trend Micro antivirus affecting the update process.  Please see our Antivirus Exceptions guide for further assistance. If Windows prompts you to reboot your computer, please cancel and rerun the patch which is located in your application folder 'C:\1099 Pro\Pro99T18\Admin\Patch1099Pro_SP1 (GOLD v2018.12.11).EXE'

This is a required update in order to file 2018 tax forms with the IRS and/or to upload files to the 1099 Pro Service Bureau.


  • Electronic Filing - Federal eFiling, for submitting files to the IRS FIRE system, is enabled for all form types (Enterprise Only).
    • NOTE:  State direct electronic filing & state paper filing is disabled until the next December release (Enterprise Only).
  • Paper Filing - Paper filing module is now available for filing Red Copy A forms along with a 1096.
  • Service Bureau - Service Bureau printing, mailing, and eFiling is enabled for all form types.
  • Service Bureau - Added Service Bureau built-in queries for easy sorting of different session statuses (upper right of Service Bureau log screen).
  • Service Bureau - Warning message if a Service Bureau upload is created but left in a "Pending" status.


  • 2018 IRS/SSA Updates - Business rules have been updated to reflect IRS form changes.
  • 2018 IRS/SSA Updates - IRS box codes.
  • 2018 IRS/SSA Updates - IRS country codes.
  • 2018 IRS/SSA Updates - Virginia (VA) & Vermont (VT) removed from the IRS Combined Federal State Filing (CFSF) Program.  Oklahoma (OK) added to the CFSF Program.
  • Importing - Sample import files to reflect IRS form changes
  • Help File - Revised content and links.
  • eFileViewer - Now supports 2018 1220 publication changes.


  • Importing - 1099-DIV standard sample import map had incorrect fields.
  • Reports - 1098 Box 9 Number of Mortgaged Properties max characters fixed from 3 to 4 digits.
  • General - This update also includes many other small visual and/or performance enhancements.

Download v2018.12.11

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