Release Notes


  1. The 1099-NEC is not part of the IRS's Combined Federal/State Filing (CFSF) Program for Tax Year 2020.  Most filers will be required to submit their 1099-NEC information directly to the state(s) in addition to IRS filing.
  2. 1099 Pro has added a new Service Bureau 1099-NEC state direct reporting feature (subject to an additional fee and important limitations) that helps customers to meet these state reporting requirements.
    1. News Article -
    2. State Reporting Details - Service Bureau - 1099-NEC Reporting Details


State Filing:

  • 1099-NEC Related:
    • Ohio (OH) - File naming convention requires a lower case ".txt". (CS-3155)
  • Iowa (IA) - State Subset processing hangs with more than 255 filers in criteria. 


  • Advanced Options - Address/Envelope Offsets - now moves the correct address block. (ENTERPRISE-1930)
  • 1099-DIV - State ID box alignment fix for Combined and MW N11EZ copies. 

Tax Form Data Entry:

  • 1099-NEC - Correction status window display alignment fix. (ENTERPRISE-1876)


  • Reminder to file banner for 1099-NEC display issue. (1944)

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