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The below pricing has been revised, and is effective, as of 09/13/2022.


  1. Price: $89 per state (per upload) + $.15 per record + $5/filer (1st filer free)
    1. Only states, and records, that 1099 Pro actually reports are included in the price.  1099 Pro does not report records that are not required per state thresholds.
    2. This is in addition to the standard Service Bureau rates for federal printing, mailing, and/or eFiling.
  2. Example:  You have 1,000 1099-NEC tax forms in 10 states.  Only 5 states are actually reportable and only 500 records meet the reporting thresholds for those states.
    1. State Reporting Add-On Cost = 5 States * $89/state + 500 records * $.15/record = $520
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