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Release Notes

The 1099 Pro Service Bureau will not include the 1099-NEC as part of the Combined Federal State Filing Program (CF/SF).  In order to perform 1099-NEC state filing, via the Service Bureau, customers must purchase the additional 1099-NEC state filing service (details here).

Many states, that implemented their own 1099-NEC filing mandates, are still requiring state direct filing as opposed to allowing filers to use the IRS CF/SF Program.  This is because most states have already built their reporting portals and direct reporting provides the data to states earlier in the year which is a critical tool in combating tax fraud.


  • Electronic Filing is now enabled for all forms (Enterprise Only).
  • State Electronic Filing - Now enabled for all forms (Enterprise Only). 
  • Service Bureau now enabled for all forms. 
  • Paper Filing now enabled for all forms. 
  • Business Rules & Validation:
    • 1099-PATR - Rule R04
      • Invalid credit/ deduction type. 
  • Latest eFileViewer included, see - eFileViewer v2021.12.18 Release Notes


  • Service Bureau:
    • Service Bureau Upload Wizard - "Web Presentment" Service renamed to "Online Access Only" (ENTERPRISE-2092)
  • State Filing:
    • W-2
      • Iowa (IA) - Removed the BEN number from the file name and RV record. 
        • EX: IA EFW2-00005 1234567890 2021 1-11-22 8-05PM.TXT
        • RV Record, Positions 40-47: Zero Fill
    • 1099
      • Iowa (IA) - Removed the BEN number from the file name and RV record. 
        • EX: IA TAX-00005 (Orig) 2021 1-11-22 8-05PM.TXT
        • RV Record, Positions 40-47: Zero Fill


  • Printing:
    • 1099-NEC - Copy A - Filer's phone number was printing on wrong line. 
    • 1099-NEC - Blank Stock Combined Copy - Box 5 amount alignment. 
    • 1099-S - ACL - N11EZ & 5145 - Optional message alignment. 
    • 1042-S - ACL - Alternate Comb - Missing WMF error.
    • 1099-MISC - Combined Copy - various alignments and form name updated from "Miscellaneous Income to Miscellaneous Information". (ENTERPRISE-1996)
    • 1099-PATR - ACL N11EZ - Box 13 check alignment. (ENTERPRISE-2090)
  • Scheduler:
    • 1099-R - Import Errors out during Post phase. 
  • Form Entry:
    • 1099-OID - Box 1 description now matches IRS form. 
  • Exporting:
    • Tax year is now updated to current tax year on the Export Wizard home screen. 
    • 1098-F - Export map was including Rcp Print Lines 1-6. (ENTERPRISE-2089)
  • Business Rules & Validation:
    • 1099-MISC - Rule R16 description is now updated to current tax year "2021". 
  • Paper Filing:
    • 1099-PATR - The 1096 Wizard was calculating totals incorrectly. (ENTERPRISE-2110)
  • General:
    • Backup Tool - About screen debug text was displaying. (ENTERPRISE-2070)
  • Reports:
    • 1099-NEC - Forms Issued for Recipients report was not working. (PROFESSIONAL-211)
    • 1099-DIV - Control Totals Report was printing 1 recipient per page when all option is selected. (ENTERPRISE-2088)
    • 1099-MISC - Box 11 Amount field was missing in custom report fields. (ENTERPRISE-2077)
  • Importing:
    • W-2G - Various rules were not triggering during Import loading. (ENTERPRISE-2062) 

Download v2021.13.08

Error After Update

If you receive the following error when running 1099 Pro after the update you will need to manually update your 1099 Pro data files.  

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Download and place this "Fix1099.exe" file into you Pro99T21 folder.
  2. Run the Fix1099.exe file.
  3. Then click the OK button.
  4. You should now be able to run the software.

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